How Eternet Benefits from Vilo's Capabilities

Eternet is a service provider based out of Argentina that provides wireless broadband and fiber-optic internet. Initially only offering dial-up services when the company was founded years ago, Eternet is always looking for new technologies to make their services more efficient and provide a higher quality product to their growing base of 15,000 subscribers —and Vilo has helped them do exactly that! 

Easy Installation 

Eternet began deploying Vilo’s after the Eternet team was blown away by the simple set-up process and performance of the Vilo mesh Wi-Fi system. "What surprised us most about Vilo was the speed and ease with which we can provide coverage inside the customers' homes,” explains Eternet's Head of Network operations, Luis Valle. 

Elaborating on the Vilo Wi-Fi 5 model’s performance, Luis says, “for services up to 100 Mbps, it works perfectly.” And when it comes to Vilo’s simple plug-and-play design, he noted how using Vilos has sped up their installation process, “We really like being able to configure a network with the Vilo app prior to the install, which saves us a lot of time because previously the installations of other routers had a lot of manual setup.” 

Using the Vilo ISP Portal 

Beyond stellar capabilities of Vilo’s mesh Wi-Fi system, what really sold Eternet on Vilo was the Vilo ISP Management Portal. “For us, having reliable software to manage our networks with has been crucial,” says Luis, “and we saw that ability and reliability in Vilo’s ISP Portal.” 

But of course, no product is worth its salt without a team of people to back it up. When asked how Eternet’s experience has been partnering with the Vilo team, he said, “Our experience has been very good! They have a great support team and have quickly implemented features that were critical for us like port forwarding and bridge mode,” says Luis. The fact that they are attentive to the feedback that ISPs give is very much appreciated. We hope to be able to continue contributing ideas and suggestions so that the product continues to grow.”