How Vilo Elevated
Customer Experience for GETUS

We spoke with Adam Hart, the Director of Operations and Sales at GETUS Communications to learn more about why they chose Vilo as their preferred managed mesh Wi-Fi router and the benefits they have seen since deploying Vilos to their subscribers.

GETUS was started a little over 5 years ago in Edmonton Alberta, Canada with a small but mighty team of just 4 agents. GETUS has since grown to a team of over 30 members and now offers broadband, home phone and TV services all across Canada.

Customer satisfaction has long been a priority for GETUS, they strive to make every installation a positive and easy experience for the customer. This created a situation where their customers wanted GETUS to be more responsible for the last mile of connectivity. However, GETUS ran into a few problems in trying to execute this. They lacked visibility into the customers in-home network, hardware that could supply a safe and reliable wireless experience, a noncomplicated setup process, and the ability to provide a solution that was in the customer price range. This prompted their research into mesh wi-fi systems.

GETUS was on the hunt for a mesh wireless system that could do it all, so began their in-depth study into mesh systems and which would be best for them. They came across an article in PC Magazine that featured Vilo.

They had looked into other mesh systems like Eero and TP-link but they didn’t cover all the bases that Vilo did. Vilo stood out for several reasons but what really convinced them was:

"Price, ISP Web Portal, easy setup process, functionality and partnership"

After seeing how Vilo eased their pain points, gave them the network insights they needed, enhanced customer experience and did it all at a great price it was a no brainer that Vilo was the partner GETUS needed for their ISP.

"Our experience with Vilo has been amazing we have been able to provide a seamless wireless experience for our customers and having the ability to work directly with the management at Vilo has made the experience that much better."