How Vilo for ISPs
Helped NMSurf Provide Affordable
Wi-Fi to More Subscribers

NMSurf started as a CNSP (Computer Network Service Professionals). They have evolved through the years to keep up with the ever-changing technology of the Wi-Fi world and now provide fixed broadband wireless and fiber to their subscribers.

NMSurf was founded by Albert Catanach, a retired military officer with over 30 years of experience in Internet networking and engineering. In 2000, Mr. Catanach was recognized by Federal Computer Week Magazine as one of the top 100 employees of the federal government for creating a statewide fiber-based network for the New Mexico National Guard. Mr. Catanach’s design was then utilized in all 50 states and territories as a model for implementing statewide networks at other National Guard bases around the country. To say he knows about Wi-Fi is an understatement, so when he fell in love with Vilo we were more than proud!

When NMSurf read about Vilo through a news article they were hopeful that Vilo could be a great new solution for their company.

One of the biggest concerns that they had was deploying a Wi-Fi solution that was robust enough to provide their customer with the Wi-Fi they needed but that was also reliable! They needed a solution that was, of course, affordable and reliable but that also allowed them to manage and HELP their customers.

“After much research, we found that most networking and Internet problems in the customers’ home and small business were related to mis-configured Wi-Fi. So having a solution that allowed us to manage the Wi-Fi for the customer and really see the user environment in relation to Wi-Fi helped us tremendously and the cost of the units was also an added plus!

With Vilo for ISPs providing the management solution they needed and with the cost being so low, NMSurf was finally able to give their customers better Wi-Fi at a better price! Being able to manage and troubleshoot via the web portal has allowed NMSurf to give their customers an improved experience.

Implementing Vilos was quick and easy for NMsurf:

“We replaced it with our current solution and just started using it, as it was that easy.”

With Vilo they now have fewer customers calling in about issues about their Wi-Fi, meaning less time spent on customer service calls and truck rolls.

So how does NMSurf feel about Vilo?

“To good to be true! The people are great to work with and their willingness to work with ISPs and how responsive they were to our company and staff is amazing”