How Vilo Reduced Ori.Net's Truck Rolls

Ori.Net Results With Vilo

30-40% Reduction in Truck Rolls

$5000 Reduction in Monthly Operating Costs

30% Reduction in Support Tickets

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Ori.Net is a family-owned Internet Service Provider (ISP) in Indiana. They also have a branch called ETHX in Florida. Combined, they support 1600 subscribers. In 2014, Ori.Net shifted focus to fixed wireless broadband and direct fiber access for residentials and MDUs.
According to Ori.Net’s Operations Manager, Mark LaManna, when they took over ETHX, they lacked a managed Wi-Fi solution. This led to having to charge customers for basic support needs and frequent truck rolls. “We needed a new solution and we found that in Vilo,” says Mark.
Ori.Net needed an affordable-to-deploy, managed Wi-Fi system that could also provide insight into their subscribers’ home networks.

Challange : Too many truck rolls

It cost Ori.Net $100 to roll a truck when there was an issue with one of their Wi-Fi routers (at the time, Ori.Net deployed Cambium R195Ws). Often, they had to roll a truck multiple times to resolve a single issue. And since they charge customers $60 a month, the hundreds of dollars they put into maintaining customers really wore on their business.
“We were losing money trying to keep customers,” Mark explained. “It was just not sustainable in the long run. We were scouting for an affordable router with the flexibility of inventory availability. That’s when we spotted Vilo at Wispapalooza 2021,” he added.

Solution: Vilo's Remote Management

Ori.Net decided to partner with Vilo as their mesh systems were remotely manageable, easy to set up, affordable, and provided reliable connectivity. They were also impressed with their coverage. Shortly after Wispapalooza 2021, Ori.Net began replacing their Cambium R195Ws with Vilos.
Mark also liked the fact that Vilo doesn’t have a purchase limit, can arrange for express shipping, has a responsive support team, and an easy installation process.

“Vilo enabled us to really take ownership over Wi-Fi in our subscribers' homes, and because of that, we were able to save money on both ends—with the reduced operating costs and increased revenue.”

- Mark Lamanna,
Ori.Net Operations Manager

With Vilo’s ISP Management Portal, Ori.Net has faster and more accurate troubleshooting insights into subscriber’s network issues, thus preventing the need to send out a technician.
Mark estimates that the ISP Management Portal has cut Ori.Net’s operational expenses by approximately $5000 a month on an average.
In conclusion, Mark says the Vilo mesh Wi-Fi system provides “flawless connectivity,” and that Ori.Net was able to “save a lot of money” by partnering with Vilo.