How Vilo fixed two of YOU Internet's biggest problems

YOU Internet Results With Vilo

50% Increase in
Customer Satisfaction

60% Decrease in
Truck Rolls


YOU Internet is a Colombia-based Internet Service Provider (ISP) that opened for business in 2019. Currently, YOU has 15 employees and serves close to 700 subscribers in the City of Medellín. Medellín has a population of 2.6 million, so for YOU Co-Founder Carlos Andres Rivera, there’s a tremendous opportunity for growth.  

In fact, Carlos says it’s their goal to increase their subscriber base to 3,000 customers in the next 18 months. With their Wi-Fi pain points now resolved thanks to Vilo, Carlos believes YOU is up to the task.

"We’ve found that 80% of our customers’ issues are happening inside the home or office," Carlos explains. "That’s why we’re switching out the TP-Links with Vilos because we want to show the customer that the problem is inside; it’s not outside."

Challange #1 : Multidevice Stability

YOU provides internet to houses as well as small offices usually comprised of 5 to 25 people. Before switching to Vilo, YOU had been deploying TP-Link's C50 Wi-Fi routers and TL850 extenders. According to Carlos, YOU’s biggest pain point was maintaining a stable connection.

"The main problem is stability," he says. "A customer will say, ‘Oh, we only use two or three devices,’ but they’re really using like 20 or more devices, and since our TP-Links can only handle five or ten at a time, it was a big problem—it was unsustainable."

Solution: The Vilo Mesh Wi-Fi System

For Carlos and the YOU Internet team, Vilo’s AC1200 mesh Wi-Fi systems have been an effective and affordable solution. "We decided to use Vilo because the difference in performance has been—wow, it’s totally different," says Carlos, explaining how he immediately noticed Vilo’s superior performance when he swapped out the old router in his office with a Vilo.  

YOU Internet began replacing their previous routers with Vilos back in October 2022. Today, they’ve deployed close to 600 Vilo mesh Wi-Fi systems, much to the delight of their customers. "We’ve seen at least a 50% increase in customer satisfaction since switching to Vilo," says Carlos.

"We decided to use Vilo because the difference in performance has been—wow, it’s totally different"

- Carlos Andres Rivera,
YOU Co-Founder

Challenge #2: Managing Subscriber Passwords

Stability hasn’t been the only issue Vilo has solved for YOU Internet. "Most of our customers have this same problem: they need to change the password, which has been a headache because to change the password we have to find the IP address then go into the device, and so on," Carlos explains.  

Solution: The Vilo App and Remote Management Platform

"Now with Vilo, it’s way faster. Our subscribers can just change the password themselves from the [Vilo] app." According to Carlos, the ability to easily change passwords has contributed to a massive 60% decrease in truck rolls for YOU Internet. And thanks to the Vilo ISP Management portal, Carlos reports a significant decrease in the time it takes for them to resolve customer issues. "We can do speed tests and troubleshoot issues with the Vilo Portal, so for us, it’s easier to find and solve problems."

"Now with Vilo, it’s way faster. Our subscribers can just change the password themselves from the [Vilo] app."

- Carlos Andres Rivera,
YOU Co-Founder

Carlos is also confident that YOU Internet will be able to make its 3,000 subscribers in 18 months goal because their current competitor’s service is notoriously disappointing, and because word is circulating about Vilo. According to Carlos, the Vilo brand is gaining recognition among YOU’s subscribers. “Now people recognize our Vilos as a good brand and I think we need to use that to our advantage.”

YOU is currently in talks with Vilo’s marketing team to create co-branded sales enabling materials.