Vilo and 281 Communications

Founded in 1998, 281 Communications started as a dial up internet service provider and over time moved on to become a fixed wireless ISP. They now proudly serve the Highland Lakes area of Texas and with 6 employees and about 800 subscribers, 281 has become a well-established WISP in the area.

However, supply chain issues with their previous hardwareire caused them to start looking for a better solution. When they discovered Vilo at Wispapalooza they knew they were onto something good!

281 Communications was looking for a new product that not only met their supply needs, but that also provided a wired and wireless mesh solution for their subscribers. They’d seen a few options but nothing that really stood out to them, until Vilo. Vilo met not only those few wish list requirements, but the cost and feasibility of deployment of Vilos really made them stand out to 281.

What was their initial reaction to Vilo?

"We loved it!"

And with that, they began deploying Vilos and using them as their go- to hardware. 281 started by testing Vilos with a few subscribers. They quickly saw the benefits of Vilo, especially once they were able to use the ISP platform. With the Vilo ISP Platform, they were able to easily manage their subscriber networks and check critical insights. They quickly started formalizing plans for deployment of Vilos to more subscribers.

They are now replacing most of their customers’ hardware with Vilos because they prefer them over what they were previously using! They’ve also seen the constant improvements Vilo is making for their customers.

"The user feedback that Vilo asks for and takes is instrumental. The continual communication from Man and the rest of the team keeps us up to date on everything that is going on"

We’re excited to keep working with 281 Communications and helping each other improve!