Vilo for ISPs helps LTD
Broadband decrease hardware fees
and increase subscriber insights!

Founded in 2010 in Minnesota, LTD Broadband has quickly grown into the successful business it is today. They now cover rural areas throughout Minnesota, Iowa, Wisconsin, South Dakota, North Dakota, Nebraska, and Tennessee. With constant growth, LTD Broadband is often looking for ways they can not only accelerate their growth but improve their customer experience.

LTD Broadband was looking for a robust in-home networking solution for their subscribers, one that would give user’s’ devices a strong Wi-Fi connection. While other products on the market provide similar solutions, they came with hefty product and software fees. LTD Broadband was first introduced to Vilo when they came across the Vilo booth at Wispapalooza and they haven’t looked back since.

"Other systems have always been a cost challenge, both in equipment costs and recurring ISP management software costs. Vilo crushes everyone in both regards."

The Vilo Solution

Primary features that they were hoping to find in a new solution was were visibility of customer device strength signals, as well as mesh node signal strengths.These are two features that the Vilo ISP Platform provides, among many others.

When asked what their initial reaction to Vilo was, only one word was needed: “Love. ” Why? Because Vilo just works! Since discovering Vilo, LTD Broadband has implemented them as their go to in-home router solution for all new users. Not only that, but they are also offering them as a solution to their existing customers to reduce tech support issues and truck rolls. A truly win-win situation.

Implementing Vilo

Implementing Vilo has also prompted positive feedback from field techs. With less time needed to set up in home networks, field techs are happy to make house calls for set ups.

"Vilos deploy so fast they have no more excuses"

For LTD Broadband Vilos just make sense. They reduce up-front costs for hardware, receive better insights into customer networks, and their team is happier.

They’ve also experienced the responsiveness of the Vilo Support team and seen first how Vilo is here for the ISPs to improve their experience.

"[Vilo is] amazingly responsive to feature requests."

LTD Broadband is continuing to deploy Vilos to their new subscribers and we’re looking forward to a continued partnership